From Village to Presidential Suite

My Life’s Journey

Dr. Joseph Jabbra

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From Village to Presidential Suite

I did not intend to write a scholarly book, for I did not want to intellectualize my life. Nor did I wish to romanticize it. I wanted to describe it as I lived it, with emphasis on people. I wanted to express in this book the joy I experienced in giving generously of myself, my time, and my modest material possessions, to make others happy and to share the many gifts of life. I wanted also to share with those who aspire to become academic leaders the myriad lessons my upbringing, education, and professional life have taught me. I thought they might find these lessons learned useful, as they strive for successful careers and, more importantly, for rewarding personal and professional lives.
Again, this book is a story, the story of my life, wherein the personal and the professional have intermingled and strengthened each other, making a better whole of my person, personality, aspirations, and talents. This unique alliance between the professional and the personal dimensions of my life, I am happy to say, always triumphed and accounted for the successes that so many good people helped me achieve. Without the guidance, advice, cooperation, and support of others, I am sure my life would not have been as fulfilling.
“Dr. Jabbra did govern this impossible republic, delivering transformative change to LAU in the process.”
“Dr. Jabbra restored our mission.”
Philip Stoltzfus, Chairman, LAU Board of Trustees

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