Painful is this topic, as such everyone avoids discussing it. Imagine how hard it would be to talk about it with a child, when the person suffering from cancer is his own mother! Contrary to the reader’s expectations, the approach in this book is easy and heart-touching. The story reaches out to children and reveals through their innocence and their parents’ endless patience the possibility to deal with this reality smoothly and simply.

تفاصيل المُنتج

  • ISBN: 9786144383919
  • الدمغة: هاشيت أنطوان أطفال
  • الفئة: أدب أطفال +6
  • تاريخ النشر: 2016
  • عدد الصفحات: 40
  • المقاييس: 15 * 19
  • الوزن: 90
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